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Hydrophobic impregnator NANOCAPE FOR CARPETS permanently protects synthetic carpets, carpets from natural fibers and carpets from animal skins. It perfectly protects against water, dirt, coffee, wine, grease, and other all kinds of dirt. The nano-coating formed on the surface of the material is completely invisible. It does not change colour and texture when feeling the material.

It is possible to apply multiple coatings without affecting the material. The coating agent NANOCAPE FOR CARPETS is resistant to chemical cleaning. The preparation is neutral for human and animal health.

Range of application:
-synthetic carpets
-carpets from natural fibers
-carpets from animal skin

- long-lasting and effective protection of materials against water, moisture and dirt,
- possibility of washing and ironing,
- color and "feel" of treated material stays the same,
- possibility of re-application,
- neutrality to human health.

Tools of application:
Sprinkler, HVLP / LVLP spray gun, brush or roller, garden sprinkler.

50 - 100 ml/m2, depending on the type of the surface

Approx. 2 years - depending on the intensity of use.

Method of application:
Before applying, remove all kinds of dirt from the impregnated surface and the remains of other coatings (paint, tar, etc.). The more you clear a surface, the effect of the product will be more effective and lasting.
1. Surface must be cleaned and dried.
2. Before use you must shake the container.
3. Carefully apply the coating so that the impregnator is uniformly absorbed by the material.
Leave to dry. Avoid contact with water for about 2 hours.

The optimum temperature to carry out the application is the temperature from +5 ° C to +40 ° C.
Do not use during rain or high humidity conditions.

Avoid contact with skin. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed or if it gets into eyes, immediately consult a doctor, and you must show the container or the label. Store in a dry place at temperatures between +5 ° C to +32 ° C.
S1. Keep locked up.
S2. Keep out of the reach of children.

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