Terms and conditions


  1. 1. Online Shop, available at is run by NANOCAPE Tomasz Zaleski, Skalników 24/2, 59-101 Polkowice, NIP: 5020054378, REGON: 022422310.
  2. 2. The buyer may be any private individual, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality having an email account and has full legal capacity.
  3. 3. Any person placing the order (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) over the Internet in online shop is required to read the rules. Ignorance of the Regulations does not relieve the Customer from obeying the rules and regulations.
  4. 4. Filling the Form of registration and account creation is identical to reading the contents of the Rules of the Buyer and its acceptance. Purchase through the Guest account, also is identical to reading the contents of the Rules of the Buyer and its acceptance.
  5. 5.The provisions of these Rules are not intended to exclude or limit any rights of the Customer who is also a consumer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Codex Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, item. 93, as amended.), Entitled to him by the mandatory rules of the law. In the case of non-compliance of the provisions of these Regulations to the above provisions, such provisions shall prevail.


     1. Store Operator sells goods presented on the online store
     2. Registration is free and voluntary. After the registration individual user's account is   created.
     3. User, in order to register, should complete the registration form.
     4. For registration it is necessary to provide: an active e-mail address, user name and password setting.
     5. In the course of registration is also possible to provide the data for shipment. When the form is completed by the consumer, these data are:

         - Address (street, house number, apartment number, zip code, city, state, country)
         - Telephone number.

  1. 6. If the registration form is filled Entrepreneur for shipment of purchased goods should include:
             - The name of the Company,
        - Tax Identification Number (NIP),
             - Address (street, house number, apartment number, zip code, city, state, country)
             - Name of contact person
             - Telephone number.
  2.  7. Parties to the agreement of sale concluded via the online store are Seller and Buyer.
  3.  8. The sales contract may be concluded either with the user registered (having User Account) as well as with the User not registered. Unregistered User, in order to conclude a contract of sale, must each:
             - Enter e-mail address and the data referred to in § 2. 5 or 6, and
             - Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4.  9. Conclusion of a contract for the provision of electronic services is equivalent to submitting statements of the following content:
             - Read and fully understood the provisions of the Regulations as a basis contract,
             - I begin to use the services on a voluntary basis,
             - Fulfill the conditions provided in the Rules to become a User,
             - The data contained in the registration form are true and do not infringe the rights of third parties,
             - I agree to a contract electronically
             - I consent to the processing, collecting, recording, storing, disclosure and disposal of personal information by the Store Operator to the extent necessary to provide services electronically, in the manner prescribed by this Regulation,      
             - I agree to receive the indicated data in the registration form by mail system information, messages from the Operator and information on difficulties, changes or technical breaks in the operation of the Store
  1.  10.  Orders can be placed 24/7 through the website
  2.  11.  The average duration of contracts (from submission to send to the Buyer) is: 3 working days.
  3.  12.  Every adult internet user can make purchase in the store. Internet users over the age of 13 can use the Shop with the consent of legal guardians.
  4.  13.  PROMOTIONS include goods that are currently offered at a lower price, or sold in sets. Number of promotional goods is limited and execution of purchases is the order in which confirmed purchases for the goods until depletion of the product. Nanocape Company reserves the right to terminate and resume promotion at any time.


  1.   1.     Prices in Online Store are denominated in Polish zloty, Euros, U.S. dollars, British pounds and are gross prices (including VAT) and do not include shipping costs, which are given separately depending on the value of the ordered goods, the method of delivery, and shipping destination in the country or abroad.
  2.   2.     For each Procurement Company NANOCAPE issue a receipt or invoice VAT on purchased goods. To receive a VAT invoice must correctly fill in the details of your company with the NIP.
  3.   3.     The selection of the payments is made by the Buyer when placing orders.
  4.   4.     For shopping in the store, you can pay as follows:
             - Transfer to a bank account,
             - Via the service payU,
             - Via the service Bitpay.
  5.   5.     In the case of payment by bank transfer merchandise is sent after receiveof the amountin theaccount. In the transfer authority buyer should put the order number.
  6.   6.     In the case of payment through services PAYU and BITPAY, Buyer states that he is familiar with the principles of payment offered by the operators of these services and will be applied to them. Goods for purchase through sites PAUY and BITPAY will be sent after the payment receives NANOCAPE account.
  7.   7.     The Seller reserves the right to make changes in the prices of the Products.
  8.   8.     Orders placed before the entry into force of the amendments referred to in the paragraph above will be implemented on the basis of prevailing at the time of submission. This provision does not apply to products covered by any form of promotion or sale, if there has been a depletion of such Products.
  9.   9.      If we do not receive payment within 72 hours from the time of order, Shop owner has the right to cancel the order.  


  1.   1.     The choice of method of delivery is made by the Buyer when placing orders.
  2.   2.     Shipping costs are calculated according to the current price lists and depend on the weight and size of shipment. The buyer is informed about the shipping costs when placing the order.
  3.   3.     Delivery costs are borne by the Buyer.
  4.   4.     All orders are accepted and executed on weekdays from Monday to Friday. Orders are considered to 3 pm. All orders placed after this time will be processed the next working day.
  5.   5.     All goods are shipped within 2 working days from receipt of payment impact.
  6.   6.     Goods for companies that want to cooperate, will be sent after we receive the relevant documents and signing cooperation agreement by the company.


  1.   1.     The buyer may cancel the contract within 7 days from the date of delivery to the Buyer.
  2.   2.     In the case of use by the consumer of the right of canceling the contract, the consumer is obliged to return the goods immediately, which means within 7 (seven) days to the address of the Shop unchanged unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course of business. Consumers should return the goods in the quantitative and qualitative composition, subject to the first sentence, he received from the Seller.
  3.   3.     Repayment of amount paid by the user will be made by bank transfer to the indicated by the User bank account.
  4.   4.     Seller guarantees the refund of the Product and shipping price immediately, which means within 14 days, to the bank account indicated by the Buyer or postal transfer to the address indicated in the Order. Shipping costs of the returned Product are borne by the Buyer.
  5.   5.    In the case of any mechanical damage of goods made during transportation, the complaint will be considered only after writing complaint protocol in the presence of the courier.

- In case of suspicion of damage (crushed cardboard, fluid leakage, etc.) Customers have the right and should check delivery status in the presence of the courier.

- to check the received goods Customer must first acknowledge its withdrawal. Then, in case of damage to the shipment courier is required to prepare a damage report

-The courier is required to wait 10 minutes to receive the goods, and for each subsequent started 5 minutes waiting DPD may charge us the cost

-Please do not bind the courier company DPD complaints, which include our internal procedures (number, correct order etc.)



  1.  1.      Passing the Customer personal data is voluntary, but their lack prevents from placing an order. By purchasing the Customer agrees to use his personal data for the purpose and scope necessary for the performance by the Seller of the contract (ie for the delivery of the shipment and the settlements).
  2.   2.     The Seller shall act in accordance with the requirements of the Act dated. 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. Access to personal data is given only to the seller, who does not leave such information to third parties. All customers have access to their data - they can be verified, modified, and deleted. Seller reserves the right to use the contact information for the purposes of their own marketing research or sending promotional material.


  1.    1.    Seller reserves the right to change the Rules. Changes are effective immediately upon posting information about them on the website of the Online Store. Orders placed before the entry into force of the amendments referred to in this section shall be implemented on the basis of prevailing at the time of submission.
  2.    2.    In cases not covered by these Regulations will apply the relevant provisions of law, in particular the Law of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, item. 93, as amended.), The Act of 27 July 2002 specific conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item. 1176, as amended.) and the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws No. 22, item. 271, as amended.).
  3.   3.     Terms and Conditions are valid from the date of
  4.   4.     Reading the Rules means the acceptance of its provisions.
  5.   5.     Nanocape reserves the right to change these rules without giving any reasons and without prior prejudices, and the change will take effect from the moment of placing it on the online store.
  6.   6.    The competent court for the settlement of any disputes arisingfrom the interpretation of these Rules as the implementation of the transaction is the court competent according to applicable regulations.













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