Hydrophobic Coating

„HYDROPHOBISING” with Nanocape

 Nanocape offers service of applying hydrophobic coating onto different surfaces, such as:

  • - Glass facades
  • - Plastic and synthetic facades
  • - Windows and glass elements
  • - Mineral surfaces of all kind
  • - Horizontal wooden surfaces (e.g. floors, bridges)
  • - Vertical wooden surfaces (facades, garden's furnitures)
  • - Shower cabins
  • - Metal parts
  • - Clothes and fabrics

Each hydrophobic product has special properties and is suitable only with one kind of a protected surface that is why Nanocape products are adapting perfectly to the surface creating hydrophobic, protective coating.
Hydrophobic properties of Nanocape products prevent surfaces from being damaged by atmospheric and external factors like: water, moisture, frost, acid rain, mud and other dirt
Nanolayers penetrate deeply into the protected material giving the surface an ability to repel water. It means that water e.g. is not able to soak into the material, however it does not change material's ability to „breathe” and enables water vapor to go through. Hydrophobic coating allows the protected material to extend its primary appearance and functionality.
Our products are applied using professional spray guns HVLP/LVLP to optimize effectiveness of the coating and to minimize losses of the hydrophobic solution during applying.
Before the coating can be applied it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface that is going to be protected.

Nanocape offers services and products depending on the kind of a surface. Every product is available in our shop, please check our offer.

We deal with every customer individually adjusting to his needs and requirements. That is why the „Cleaning” service cost depends on particular order.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. We are happy to answer.
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