„Antigraffiti” with Nanocape


Nanocape also provides sevices in the field of protecting all kind of mineral surfaces against graffiti.
Protecting buildings walls is a perfect solution either for new building or for already exisisting ones. The aim is to prevent walls from being damaged by recklessness of people making graffiti. Protected surface is coated with „Antigraffiti” product using spraying technique which is the best method available.

  • - Graffiti removal from protected and nonprotected surfaces

We are removing newly created and old graffiti from all kind of surfaces that were or were not coated with Antigraffiti products. Our actions are quick and effective because quick reaction on newly made graffiti discourages its makers. We use professional equipment and biodegradable chemical products, neutral to the environment.


  • - Applying disposable antigraffiti coatings

Protective agent that we apply on the surface creating antigraffiti coating has to be applied again to rebuild the coating after graffiti has been removed. This method is used in places where graffiti appears occasionally and the risk of graffiti being painted again is lower. It is cheaper than permanent protection method because products used in disposable coating have lower price. Especially advised when used on higly soaking surfaces such as: acrylic plaster.


  • - Applying permanent antigraffiti coatings

The coating is applied only once and its durability is up to 7 years. If the graffiti appears the removal process is very simple which consists of cleaning using high pressure wash that does not destroy the antigraffiti coating. This method is used in places where graffiti might appear quite often. All the expenses incurred can be returned after several graffiti appearances because after its removal there is no need to rebuild the coating. Especially advised when used on low or non soaking surfaces such as: marble, granite.


Why using Antigraffiti service?

 We treat each client individually, adjusting to his needs and requirements. That is why the cost of Antigraffiti service is dependable on specified order. We ensure constant service of our atnigraffiti coatings.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. We are happy to answer.

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