Impregnacja samochodów

„CAR IMPREGNATION” with Nanocape
We perform professional and unique services on cars using hydrophobic impregnation technique. Including inside and outside of the car. To maximise the impregnation effects we use the newest equipment available: Spray Gun Graco EasyMaxTM that ensures optimal and even incorporate of the hydrophobic solution on the surface.
Nanocape product series „car” agents based on modern nanotechnological formula ensure best quality and protection of the sprayed surface. Nanocape products „Car” are totally safe to the body, upholstery and other parts of a car. Non-visible to the eye therefore they do not change any esthetic and visual values.
The advantage of the hydrophobic coating is to increase esthetic values of the car. Nanocoating protects against water, moisture, salt and any other dirt.
It gives the best protection against any negative atmospheric effects.
The achieved result EASY-TO-CLEAN makes dirt to be removed easily and gives self-removing effect which allows to visit car washes less frequently.


Nanowiper application on the front window:
Nanowiper application on all windows:
Antisteam application on the front window:
Antisteam application on all windows:
Upholstery and carpets impregnation
Car body impregnation:
Rims impregnation:



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