Reklamy rain reverse

„Rain reverse” with Nanocape


We are pleased to offer you one of the unique Nanocape service. Rain reverse is an innovative form of advertisement that has just appeared on the market. Do not hesitate, be one of the first.
It is a form of a new kind of advertisement that amazes and surprises! Absolutely modern, pioneer and brave kind of a street art marketing. The advertisement is made like a classic graffiti, on the walls, buldings, pavements and other urban places. However the surfaces are not painted or cleaned like Graffiti Reverse ads but only the area of the template is impregnated using our hydrophobic products. The Rain Reverse image appears during rain and the effect is surprisingly and strikingly appearing advertisement that will astonish all the people standing arround.
You need to remember that the visibility of the advertisement is dependent on the atmospheric falls.

 Rain Reverse is a new face of your company.

 Do not be limited by using advertising agencies, printing houses or business cards. Expand your marketing actions, surprise your clients and disgrace your competitors.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. We are happy to answer.


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